Quilt Market Part Four

Quilt Market Part Four


Three days it took us to cover the whole exhibit hall.  Actually there was quite a lot that we just didn’t even stop to look at.  But we stopped and looked at beautiful booths from our favorite companies, and looked at a lot of new notions and small companies with really unique and eye-catching products.  Here are some highlights:


Cotton + Steel –  My favorite fabrics!!!


quilt show booths - 18 quilt show booths - 22 quilt show booths - 20quilt show booths - 17





Tea towels using appliqued pieces of Bari J’s fabrics –  Art Gallery Fabrics


quilt show booths - 15 (1)quilt show booths - 16 (1)



Carina Gardner won the award for best booth!  I want it!!!!!


quilt show booths - 15quilt show booths - 12







This is the booth by Sweet Sisters with Riley Blake, presenting their new fabric line, “keep on groovin’.”


quilt show booths - 11 quilt show booths - 10

This is Moda, but each company has a lovely place for you to meet with the reps and place your fabric order.

quilt show booths - 9 (1)

Just liked the planes!!


quilt show booths - 8

We had a nice visit with the girls who own Girl Charlee.  They design and produce their own knit fabrics.  We will definitely be ordering and selling their fabrics.  It is a very nice, thick, stretchy knit.

quilt show booths - 5 quilt show booths - 6

This is one of my favorite fabric lines that we saw.  It is Tall Tales by Birch Fabric.  We had a great, long conversation with the designer of this line, Arleen Hillyer.  Everyone with Birch Fabrics is young and super friendly.  They were very supportive and encouraging to us.  I would like to order this whole line, it’s d


quilt show booths - 4 (1)


quilt show booths - 3 (1)

quilt show booths - 2 (1)


quilt show booths - 1 (1)


Tula Pink!!!!!!

quilt market - 15

quilt market - 18 quilt market - 17 quilt market - 16



Amy Butler awesomeness <3

quilt market - 10 quilt market - 11


quilt market - 12


quilt market - 13 quilt market - 14 quilt market - 9 quilt market - 7



quilt market - 5


quilt market - 6



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