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About us


I started sewing when I was in about 3rd grade.  I was ridiculously little, and wasn’t crazy about wearing 6x clothes when I was trying to be grown up.  My mom sent me to some sewing classes, and my aunt Elinor also taught me some sewing basics.  But pretty much I learned by doing it over and over.  My first dress was a plain, sleeveless shift, with a couple darts and a zipper.  My mom still has it!  It was white with blue and green (those shades of blue and green from the hippie era) flowers.  I can almost smell it!!!  The second dress I made was a simple Aline dress, lined, with sheer sleeves, that were legamutton.  Is that the word?  Well, anyway, they were full and had two rows of elastic, above and below my elbow.

I have been married to Ted (a physician, skier, doer of everything around the house, car mechanic…) for 36

years.  We have three kids:

Eric, our oldest, is married to Paula and they have the most amazing, crazy cute little boy, Avery, and a sweet new little baby, Olive.  They live in Minnesota.

My middle daughter, Nicolle, is my partner here at Piper Pixie Doodle.  Check out her about page to hear her story.

Annika, our youngest, graduated from high school last year.  She is currently taking online college courses and working.  She is a joy!!  Her fiance, Briggham, is in the USAF and is stationed in Texas. They plan to be married next April. Lots of trips, they are doing really well long-distance.   She is my sunshine!!

Most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  I began my journey with him a long time ago.  He has never disappointed me, He has always been faithful, even though I have not.  I can’t imagine getting to this point in life without Him!!






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